Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're Finally Ready

This past 9 months has flown by, but I do sometimes forget how I felt NOT to be pregnant. Hopefully, in about 1 week from now, we'll get to meet our little boy. John and I have been so scared and full of excitement throughout this entire pregnancy, but it wasn't until just a few days ago that we just both looked at each other and realized--WE'RE READY. Not that I'm tired of waddling around, just the fact that we were scared to death to welcome a little baby into this world and now we feel content that if he came any minute now, we're ready to be a momma and daddy. God has given us a tremendous peace about being ready to finally meet this child.

This journey has been unforgettable. I feel like this experience is life changing and I know seeing him for the first time will be unlike anything we've ever been through.

10 days and counting. John William-Louis Cancel, we love you so much. We can not wait to finally meet you, see you, and hold you.

Anxiously awaiting your arrival,

Proud parents, John and Shanna

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Final Month

It's coming down to the wire. I'm on the final stretch of this beautiful thing called pregnancy. It's starting to feel "not so beautiful" anymore, though. I can barely fit into any maternity clothes! I'm finding those are even getting tight now. I must go through 3 outfits in the morning before I find anything that fits! It' so frustrating. Oh and lets not forget that my face is HUGE and so are my feet. I'm starting to swell more than I have throughout this whole pregnancy. It's the camera that I hate.

Let's not forget...

The comments just keep on coming.
"You're gonna pop!"
"Are you sure you're not having twins?"
"You're not gonna make it!"

None of these people are doctors, so they just need to shut it! Sorry to be blunt.

Whether I go early, on time or late is not really up to me. When that baby wants to come, he'll come. And we are so excited for that day.

I've got the hospital bags out and open, but not packed. I plan to have that FINISHED by this weekend. I want them IN THE CAR and ready to go at any time. The baby room is as ready as it's gonna be. There are so many things I want to have done that I just haven't gotten to yet. The baby is not going to care whether I have the paintings for his wall done or not. He's just going to eat, sleep and poop. I'll have a good 6 weeks after he is born to take care of all the nursery decor I didn't get to. I've just decided to face that fact. I'm not going to have it all done.

I'm not sure whether I'll get to post any more blogs before the big day, but I'll try. If not, it was fun sharing my thoughts with anyone who kept up with this last trimester of my pregnancy.


Monday, September 14, 2009

People say the darnest things

One thing about pregnancy that I don't think I will ever get over is the fact that complete strangers will say the most bizarre, better yet RUDE things to you. I've heard it all:

"Are you having twins?!"

"You look like you're gonna pop!" (when meanwhile, I had 2 months left at that point)

The latest, which I'll admit was a little funny...I was a Michael's, the craft store, picking up some things for the baby's room. With all the seasons quickly approaching it was funny when I heard a woman in the same aisle say to me, "When's your little pumpkin due?"

A little later, I was at Wal-Mart in the checkout line. There was still a customer in front of me paying for her order and about to leave. When the cashier sees me approaching, she says, "When are you due?" I say, November 6. Then the customer in front of me who should be on her way out of the store by now screams, "You're NOT going to make it! Look how much you've dropped already! He's getting ready to make his way down your birth canal!"

Now what kind of person thinks they have the right to make a judgment like that in public? I was wearing an oversized Tampa Bay Bucs jersey, so my belly may have looked low, but really, he has not dropped yet. My Dr. just told me at my last appointment less then 4 days ago, that he was head down, but he was still VERY high.

I think the next time someone makes a comment that ridiculous, I'm going to say, "Why thank you for your insight. Are you a doctor?"

Friday, September 11, 2009

A milestone accompanied with some fear

Here it is, another weekly milestone on this journey-32 weeks along today. Yesterday, we had our bi-weekly OB visit. This time, it was with the Dr. 90% of my appointments are with the midwives, whom I love, but it's nice to see the Dr. once in a while also. She doesn't do late or weekend appointments, so having to go in the middle of the day is a bummer since my husband can't get the time off of work. His benefits haven't kicked in yet, so I was expecting to go by myself.

To my surprise, I get a phone call from John a few hours before my appointment, and he says, pick me up on the way. He talked to his boss, told him it's just very important to him that he meets the doctor (he'd never met her before). The only time he missed an appointment was the other time I saw the Dr. during the middle of the day about 18 weeks along.

The appointment went great. Hearing our little boy's heartbeat never fails to excite us. I'm up to date on all of my bloodwork and she just seemed to be so happy that everything was going smoothly for us. The only concern we had deals with the topic on everyone's mind lately-the FLU SEASON.

How will that affect me and the baby? Not only is the H1N1 virus spreading throughout our area, the flu is one of the strongest they've seen in awhile. The Dr. suggested I get both vaccinations for the flu and swine flu. I've never had the flu shot in my life, so I'm a little nervous that I'll get some symptoms. She assured me that you can not get the flu from the flu shot. If I do contract any type of it, to let their office know, they'll treat me with safe anti-viral medication and put me on antibiotics during delivery if necessary.

Overall, it went well. She did a great job of answering our questions and filling us in on what to expect at our next appointments. In just a few more weeks, they will start monitoring me at weekly appointments. AH! He's almost here.

We can't wait to see him.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hearing the Little Life Inside

This should've been my first post, but I didn't notice in my day timer until after...I documented the day John and I got to hear his little heartbeat for the first time. It was on Thursday, May 7 at our 13 week appointment. It was the most amazing thing.

I think up until that point because I really didn't have any typical symptoms like morning sickness, I was still almost wondering if I really was pregnant. Even after 2 home tests and confirmation at the doctor's office, I still just didn't think it was real!

But when we heard that heartbeat...and 3 kicks as an added bonus, our jaws dropped. I was so full of joy, I just started laughing uncontrollably. John and I caught each other's eyes, and he looked like the happiest man on earth.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling him move for the first time

So, I may not have blogged about it, but a co-worker did say to document every little milestone that I want to remember. In my day planner, on Thursday, June 11 I felt the baby's first movements. I was almost 19 weeks along at that point. I was sitting at my desk at work, and all of a sudden it was like a little precious poke from inside. It was so strange, it actually made me giggle out loud at work! From that point on, every time he moves, it still amazes me.

Now, at 30 weeks, he's a lot stronger, so it's not so pleasant anymore, but it's still beautiful. There is nothing like it. A friend asked me how it feels, but honestly, there are no words to describe it except for what it is. There is a little person inside of you just wiggling around.

That brings me to something else-music. I bring my iPod to work most days to help pass the time. I had the strange notion to place one of the buds on my belly. And BAM--it's almost like I startled him! But it was so neat to experience that reaction. I still let him listen from time to time and he just turns around and pokes when I do it. I'm hoping all this exposure will help him sleep through anything! We'll see about that.